Value of Antique Beer Trays

Most visitors to our site want to know how much their beer tray is worth.  There really is no up to date price guide for antique beer trays.  There are some reference books.  However, the market and values have changed a lot since it was last published.  If you are trying to find the value of your beer tray, then we would encourage you to search our site.  We have current collector values for more than 350 trays (and counting).  Like most collectibles, the value of any specific tray is based on its rarity, condition, and desirability.

Rarity is always debatable because no one can say 100% for certain how many beer trays were issued or how many are known to exist.  However, based on good memories, reference books, and auction records, we have a pretty good idea of at least what is common and what is likely rare.

If tray is exceptionally rare, then condition will be less of a factor when determining values.  However, if a tray is common then its condition could be the difference between $100 and $300.  You would expect most trays to be well used, but that is not always the case.  Some trays were sent directly to bars and never used.  Others were used for years.  Things like dents, missing paint, and scratches will all negatively affect the value of beer tray.

Desirability is always a wildcard when it comes to values.  This could also been seen as a supply and demand issue.  Beer trays that are evocative of the old west could be relatively common, but there is a strong market for them.  On the other hand a rare but ugly tray from an uninteresting brewery will have a limited market.  Geography is important as well.

If you need help valuing your beer tray, just ask.  We are always happy to help (for free).  It is likely that we can also make a strong offer for the beer tray as well.

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