P.H. Schneider Brewing Co Beer Tray

    P.H. Schneider Brewing Co

Text on Beer Tray:

Ph. Schneider Brewing Co, Century, Bottled For Family & Hotel Trade, Trinidad, Colo.

Beer Serving Tray Description:

The oval tray is mainly green and yellow with some accents of red. A banner extends from the lower left to the upper right and has white text on it. Beside that banner is the logo surrounded by wheat stalks. The outer border of the tray is green and gold.

The Brewing Company represented on this tray is P.H. Schneider Brewing Co. There may be multiple trays with this same design, but different Brewers. The price will be different based on Brewery and design combination.

The size of the tray is 16 1/2″ x 13 1/2″.

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