Jone’s Granite State Ale & Lager Beer Tray

    Jone’s Granite State Ale & Lager

Text on Beer Tray:

Jone’s Granite State Ale and Lager, Machester, N.H.

Beer Serving Tray Description:

Three horses heads are pushed together in the center of the tray with a sunset appearing in the distance. The horses are white and the background is pretty dark. The outer edge is a dark tan color and the text is shown in black. The edges of this tray are scalloped.

The Brewing Company represented on this tray is Jone’s Granite State Ale & Lager. There may be multiple trays with this same design, but different Brewers. The price will be different based on Brewery and design combination.

The size of the tray is 4 1/4″.

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